Hi, I am

Rodrigo Manfrinatti

Singer and songwriter from Brasil.

My Life

I'm interior designer but Music is my passion! I love being surrounded by friends and people and to make everybody laugh is what I live for. I love music because it keeps the life mooving. It gives us focus and stimulates us. Music lives within me and I love transmitting it out to people.


I was born in Campinas, interior of Sao Paulo. I had a normal childhood like all Brazilians, playing soccer in the streets, having fun with my friends and family. My parents always loved all styles of Brazilian music, so I grew up listening to everything.


I love my country and all its diversity, art, music and entertainment. Each region gives a touch of color and sound, making Brazil rich in culture and joy.


I came to Latvia in 2016 looking for something different. It was my first trip to Europe and I had the opportunity to do a presentation and felt this is the place to stay and to spread some of my culture and the warmth of Brazil.

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Singer & Songwriter

"Caso especial"

One of my compositions here in Latvia. Hope you like it. Enjoy and share!

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Forró the best rhythm of Brazil. Amazing song of Falamansa! Enjoy and share!

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"A Primeira Vista"
Chico Cesar

One of my favorite songs of Chico Cesar. Enjoy and share!

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My Friends

I perform alone but I also have a great friends and that know how to make any party rock!

Roberto Melone

Roberto Melone


An Italian with incredible charisma, one of the most influential and famous celebrities in Latvia, and a great friend. I had the honor to participate in some of his projects and in his group "Alma Latina"

Vanessa Rufino

Vanessa Rufino


She conquered Latvia with her joy, her dance and all her charisma. We have our Brazilian music and culinary project. Baltic Samba Show - Group formed by Baiba, Laura, Sanita, Vanessa and Rodrigo.

Miguel picture

Miguel Hernandez


One of the best percussionists I've met, composer, guitarist and the best flute in Chile, in my opinion. He can make the party go wild!

Some comments

Form people I worked with

Dace @ DAD Cafe

Rodrigo is a friendly, talented energy bomb, his performance at DAD cafe was full of joy and life affirming beauty, his music is charming.

Miguel Hernandez

I can say that Rodrigo is a positive person, and this reflects on his music. He has a Brazilian groove that adapts in his interpretations making them interesting and joyful but not only is this, also he is a person open for mixing languages, instruments and sound, you can always find new flavors in his songs and interpretations. He plays guitar, percussion and "cavaquinho". He always sings smiling and has the gift of making his audience smile

Denise Fontoura

I met Rodrigo few years ago for the first time in Riga, for a concert we had together and it was fun. Rodrigo is very talented with music, playing different instruments, singing as well composing. Beautiful songs and voice!

Let me make your party unforgettable!

Send me an email and let me know what is your idea, party or maybe you want to make something cool together! Or maybe just want to let me know what you think... anyways I'm always happy to recieve e-mails!